About Us

Social media is the perfect platform to reach new clientele and keep your current customers informed and excited about what is going on in your business.

We are a team of skilled sub contracted social media managers, designers and marketing specialists. We create exciting and engaging content that will increase your following and leave your customers wanting to know more.

First we will discuss what your goals are and what your business is all about so our team can create an effective marketing strategy that works for you across all platforms.


What We Can Do For You

Are you an established business looking to gain new following? At Social Media Interactions Ltd, we are happy to work very closely with the client to understand what their business is all about. We can then set goals specific to your company and create an effective online campaign which will help you to gain new clients.

Are you a new business? If you are a new business we will help to get your name out there! We can discuss what message you would like to convey to your users and then come up with a creative strategy to get you noticed and increase your following.


Social Media Interaction Ltd work with a wide range of companies mainly in Scotland and the UK. We also have international connections with Italy, Romania and Turkey and are fluent in these languages.

We work closely with skilled website designers, graphic designers, print companies, merchandise manufacturers, signage specialists and photographers. This makes it easy for our customers to get all of their marketing needs here, in one place! If you would like to know more about these services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.